PD FAQs/Troubleshooting

Having any issues with joining the PD? Please see some common problems below in addition to some other FAQs.

Will there be a recording available for the PD sessions presented and how can I access them?

All going well with IT, we plan to make the recordings of the day available in the days following the PD. These recordings will only be available for attendees who have registered for the PD (this can still be done after the PD, for anyone who would like to access the recordings but was not able to attend on the day), and will be available for a limited time. Once the recordings are available, more information will be sent in an email to participants after the PD.

How can I access the materials for the PD?

All the relevant materials have been emailed to attendees who have registered for the PD. Please check the email you registered with and search for network@psyched.org.au, and also check your junk/promotions/spam folder. If you cannot locate these materials, please send us an email from the email you registered with, and we will forward you a copy.

I am having trouble accessing the Zoom Event – what can I do?

If you have registered your attendance more than a week ago, your Zoom Event link should be in your inbox (sent to the email address registered with us).

Please note that you will need a Zoom account linked to your registered email address in order for you to access the Event platform, so please either:

  • Sign up for a Zoom account using the email address registered with us.
  • Or, if you have an existing Zoom account attached to another email address, please nominate this here so we can update your registration and send the Zoom link to your email that is attached to your existing Zoom account. That way, you won’t need to create a new Zoom account.

There is also the Zoom help center that you access here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

I am logged into Zoom, but I cannot access the event – what can I do?

Logout of Zoom and ‘switch accounts’ (you may see the image above) so that you are logged in with the email address that is bolded at the bottom of the email that has the Zoom link. If you do not have a Zoom account for the bolded email, then you will need to fill in this form, OR create a new Zoom account for this email address.

I do not have my Zoom link for today – what do I do?

A Zoom link has been sent to all attendees’ email addresses that have been registered with us. Please check your email and your junk/spam/promotions folders for an email from Zoom Events. If you need to register with a different email, please fill in this form and we’ll send you a new link shortly.

Zoom is asking for a password – what do I do?

Please use your Zoom account password, or try the ‘Forgot password’ option. If Zoom says ‘not signed in’, you may not have a Zoom account and will need to go to the Zoom page here and create an account.

I have just joined Zoom but cannot find the event. What do I do?

Please go back to your email that you registered with for the PD, and open the email from Zoom and click on the ‘Join Event’ or ‘View Ticket’ button, then open Zoom with either the app or the browser, which should direct you to the lobby. Then click on the ‘sessions’ tab and join the relevant session.

How do I know if I already have a Zoom account?

You will need to go to the Zoom app on your computer or to this Zoom page and try to log in. If you cannot do this, you may not have an account and will need to create an account here.

I can’t hear anyone – what should I do?

In Zoom, click on the little arrow above the microphone image, and check Audio settings.

I am still having trouble joining the session!

Please try to troubleshoot via this Zoom page or this page. If you are still having difficulties, please see your school IT team/or call them if you are working from home for further assistance.

We have limited resources to provide IT support, but if you are still having trouble after trying the options above, let us know and we will do our best to help you.