PD Terms and Conditions

  1. Please check that your school has not already booked this PD, as once submitted, schools agree to fulfil their payment obligation for all bookings. No ‘change of mind’ refunds will be offered once a booking has been submitted.
  2. Only the live webinar is guaranteed to be delivered. There will not be a guaranteed recording available for participants to access due to copyright and cultural sensitivities of some of the content presented.
  3. Each ticket is a licence for a single attendee only, viewed live by a single device, and not for use in a group or classroom setting – anyone using the same link will be blocked. To be permitted entry into the webinar, please note that you may be asked to switch on your camera to verify your identity. Each ticket requires an individual name and email address so that a unique access link can be sent, and a personalised PD certificate can be created.
  4. Links to join the PD will not be issued unless a valid purchase order number or payment has been received at least 24 hours prior to the PD.
  5. Psyched cannot guarantee the successful delivery of the webinar, due to technical faults on the part of the attendee. Any technical faults on the part of Psyched or Zoom will be addressed to the best of our ability. It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure that the live webinar can be viewed on their chosen device. Psyched will not offer technical assistance. Psyched will not bear any responsibility for any interruption to the live webinar that results in the inability for it to be accessed.
  6. If you do not receive an email with an invoice within 24 hours of completing the booking form, please contact us via email at network@psyched.org.au
  7. A unique webinar link will be emailed to each attendee 24 hours prior to the webinar. Psyched will not accept any responsibility for attendees that have not received a webinar link – it is the responsibility of the attendee to contact Psyched if they have not received the webinar link in the 24 hours prior to the webinar. No refunds will be issued for non-attendance of the webinar.
  8. The recording of any Psyched webinar is strictly prohibited. Except as provided by the Copyright Act 1968, no part of the PD resources may be copied or communicated without the prior written permission of Psyched.
  9. Psyched reserves the right to alter or revoke the advertised program details (such as a change in presenter), without a refund being available. Psyched reserves the right to change the date or time of the webinar due to circumstances beyond our control (such as illness of a presenter). No refunds will be made if the rescheduled PD occurs at a different time on the same day. A partial refund of 50% will be processed if the attendee is unable to join if the PD is rescheduled to a different day, or if the PD is cancelled.
  10. Although every effort will be made to cover as much of the advertised program as possible, this may not always be possible given time constraints. It may not be possible for our presenters to answer every question asked in the Q&A. While every reasonable effort is made, Psyched cannot guarantee that all material is consistent with VCAA requirements. Psyched does not bear any responsibility for any material inadvertently published as a result of interference from third parties. VCAA does not endorse or make any warranties regarding this PD.
  11. It is the school’s responsibility to apply any discount available. Psyched will not refund tickets, in part or whole, to schools who seek reimbursement on the basis of not utilising a discount.
  12. Psyched reserves the right to cancel bookings that are made in breach of the terms and conditions.
  13. No follow-up service regarding the PD and associated notes will be provided one month after the PD date.
  14. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time.