Psyched Plus membership

What is Psyched Plus?

Psyched Plus membership entitles a teacher to free additional resources, which will be distributed in an addendum at the bottom of dedicated Psyched+ Network emails. These additional resources may include study resources with answer guides that are developed by Psyched.

How do I become a Psyched Plus member?

To be automatically eligible for Psyched Plus membership for any calendar year, you must either:

  • order all of the Psyched Assessment Resources published in a calendar year in a single purchase order (i.e. the Bundle which includes the Psyched Unit 3 SACs, Unit 4 SACs, Unit 3 Trial Exam, Units 3&4 Trial Exam), which must be paid within the payment terms,


  • share an original Units 3&4 Psychology teaching resource for distribution within the Psychology Teachers’ Network that has been created by the contributor (e.g. not a standalone YouTube video, however, a worksheet personally created alongside this would qualify).

Resources that are shared by Network members will be distributed to the entire Psychology Teachers’ Network (Psyched) and will not be made exclusive.

Terms and Conditions

Psyched Plus membership commences when eligibility criteria are met, and expires at the end of each calendar year.

Psyched will only distribute the Psyched Plus email to one teacher within a school who has become eligible for Psyched Plus membership. Psyched Plus emails may be forwarded to any additional Psychology teachers within the same school of anyone that has become a Psyched Plus member, but may not be forwarded to teachers in other schools.

If a school has ordered all of the Psyched Assessment Resources in separate orders throughout the year, a school representative must email to inform Psyched of their eligibility for Psyched Plus membership.

Psyched will only send Psyched Plus resources to the address nominated on the Psyched Assessment Resources Order Form, and not any additional email addresses. Email addresses must be of a Victorian school.

Psyched will not forward earlier editions of Psyched Plus resources that were distributed prior to eligibility criteria being met.