Assessment Resource Terms and Conditions

1. Psyched Assessment Resources are only licensed for distribution within the purchasing school, and not for distribution outside of the purchasing school. Distribution within the purchasing school may be through photocopying or stored on a password-protected intranet or file server, for use only by students enrolled in the purchasing school. They may not be otherwise reproduced or distributed, in part or in whole. Teachers should make students aware that they are not permitted to distribute Psyched Assessment Resources to any third parties.

2. Only Psyched holds the right to the commercial distribution and copyright of its Assessment Resources (the Question and Answer Books and Assessment Guides). No Psyched Assessment Resource or any part thereof is to be issued or passed on by any person to any party inclusive of other schools, non-practising/practising teachers, coaching colleges, tutors, parents, students, publishing agencies or websites without the express written consent of Psyched. Assessment Resources must never be provided to any third parties, even for external marking purposes.

3. Although every effort will be made to ensure that content is factually correct in Psyched Assessment Resources, this cannot be guaranteed. Psyched does not take responsibility for any material that is inconsistent with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s assessment requirements. If alterations are required to any published or advertised Assessment Resource, this will not result in schools being eligible for a refund or being eligible to change an existing order. Psyched Assessment Resource editions in previous years will be valid for the VCAA Study Design for the year in which they were written.

4. Assessment Resources will only be sent once payment or a purchase order has been received, by the publishing date advertised. It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that all orders and payments made to Psyched are correct and final. It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that accurate payment is made in a timely manner, and for the secure and reliable storage of the Assessment Resources. The Assessment Resources will not be resent to a purchasing school (e.g. due to loss) after the 31st of December of the purchasing year.

5. Psyched Assessment Resources will be emailed to the contact person nominated on the order form in PDF format. The ‘Question and Answer Booklet’ and the ‘Assessment Guide’ will be emailed as separate attachments.

6. Psyched will take all orders on face value. No refunds can be made for a change of mind. It is the responsibility of the purchasing school to check for duplicate orders and payments. If a duplicate order is received and the resource has been delivered, schools agree to fulfill their payment obligation for all orders submitted. After a payment reminder from Psyched, schools with outstanding late payments may attract a 5% compounding monthly interest fee.

7. Despite due care, Psyched cannot guarantee that the Assessment Resources produced will fulfil audit requirements of the VCAA; this responsibility lies with the purchasing school. Once any alterations are made to Psyched Assessment Resources, Psyched bears no responsibility for the changes that are made.

8. Only one email address will receive the resources pertaining to that order. If multiple emails are included in the “Email” field, then only the first email address will receive the resources. It is the responsibility of this person to distribute the resources to any relevant colleagues within the purchasing school. It is the responsibility of the purchasing school to ensure the email address provided is valid, and that this address will be available to receive the resources when they are distributed. Psyched will not make multiple attempts to send resources due to full inboxes, incorrect spelling of email addresses, where individuals are on leave, are no longer employed at the school, or for any inability to access the delivered resources.

9. Reasonable effort will be made to fulfill all orders, however, if a resource has not been received by a purchasing school within seven days of the designated delivery date, the onus is on the purchasing school to contact Psyched for the order to be fulfilled.

10. No refunds are available to schools if they have not adhered to the Terms and Conditions outlined above, or the conditions stated in the Psyched order form.

11. Psyched reserves the right to add contact details of individuals listed on orders to our distribution database.

12. It is Psyched policy to send all Assessment Resources, including previous years’ editions, in bulk by the date specified on the Psyched order form and/or website. If schools wish to receive previous years’ editions earlier than this date, please ensure that payment has been made and email us this request. Psyched will then negotiate an agreement.

13. Schools agree to fulfil their payment obligation for all orders submitted, regardless of unforeseen circumstances, such as the cancellation of a VCAA or trial exam period. No ‘change of mind’ refunds or credits will be offered once an order has been submitted.

14. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time.